Collective Love

The Idea

        Some say that love is just a chemical reaction, a phenomenon emerging from the intercranial neurotransmitter cocktails of human mating rituals. Others say that it is something higher, purer, more holy. Something that transcends the pedestrian particularities of physical phenomena. Still others say that love is just a word, a series of mouth noises that signifies some collective bonding experience.

        The relative anonymity of the internet brings forth humanity's hidden thoughts. It extracts the semi-conscious impulses from beneath the veil of cultural repression, liberating long lost desires, giving them oxygen and sunlight. With Collective Love, the amorous essence is extruded from a morass of anonymous expressions of lustful intent and offered to you. A product of the minds of thousands of strangers, it is not quite human, and yet not quite alien. Utterances no one ever made, but like all ideas, it is a collage of influences and references. See if you can find your own reflection in this carnival of refracted flirtation.

The Process

        Collective Love searches user selected locales for classifieds regarding casual sex. It parses the content of these listings and applies a markov chain algorithm to generate text using the ideas and feelings expressed by the ad posters.

In the Media

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